DCMC-1000 Magnetic Contact Window/Door Sensor
DC-1000 Long Range Wireless Door Chime (sold separately) DC-1000 Adapter

Magnetic Contact Window/Door Sensor Model DCMC-1000

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Magnetic Contact Window/Door Sensor
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12V Plugin Transformer
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The DCMC-1000 is a versatile product that can work as a stand alone entry alert or for increased range, work with the DC-1000 long range wireless door chime.

The DCMC-1000 Entrance Alert is a magnetic contact that consists of two pieces.  The base unit mounts to the door frame or window frame and the small magentic mounts on the door or window.  When the door or window is opened, the unit emits a chime or siren alarm and, if paired with the DC-1000, sends a wireless signal for the DC-1000 to emit a programmed chime melody.

The unit is dark gray in color and small in size.  The base unit is four inches tall, one-quarter of an inch thick, and has a width of two inches.  The unit ships with self-adhesive foam tape located on both the base unit and magnetic contact and also ships with two CR2032 batteries used to power the unit.

The entrance alert may be set to "off,""alarm," or "bell" modes by sliding the selector switch located on the front of the main unit.

The unit is easily paired with the DC-1000 Long Range Wireless Door Chime, which allows you to hear the entrance alert up to 1,000 feet away from the sensor.  A typical commercial application could be to have a wireless push button at the warehouse receiving door and a wireless magnetic entry alert on the front door.  By selecting a different melody for each wireless transmitter, you can easily determine if someone is at the back door or entering the front of the store.

  • Unit may work as a stand alone magnetic contact window/door entry alert OR in conjunction with the DC-1000
  • Units ships with two CR2032 batteries
  • Unit is very light weight (.15 lb) and mounts easily to a door or window frame using the supplied foam tape
  • LED indicator on front of alert signals when contact is separated and flashes every five seconds when battery is low
  • Unit has a small internal speaker that will allow the DCMC-1000 to serve as a stand alone entry alert device
  • Both the base unit and magnetic contact have alignment marks to allow users to easily align the two peices during installation
  • Operates on 915MHz frequency

Customer Reviews

Product Reviewed: Magnetic Contact Window/Door Sensor
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5 Star Rating
(washington, ga)
Fast delivery, great product. Works as advertised.
4 Star Rating
(Jackson, AL)
The product does work like it says it should. The chime is a little loud but does let you know when someone comes in. It occasionally chimes when the door is not opened. We have adjusted the position several times to try to resolve the issue.

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