DB1003-1 Doorbell Transmitter
DB1003-1 Doorbell Transmitter

A Doorbell Transmitter That Will Require No Battery Replacement Model DB1003-1

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Doorbell Transmitter
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Do you have someone you know who is hard of hearing? What if you could easily install a doorbell transmitter to assist them in hearing their doorbell ring?

This doorbell transmitter is easily attached to the current doorbell wiring in the home. Once the existing doorbell has been pressed, the transmitter will send a signal up to 500 ft to your 318 MHz Silent Call receiver. This transmitter is compatible with all 318 MHz Silent Call receivers. Since this doorbell transmitter is direct wired there will be no need to worry about replacing batteries.

  • 500 ft range (depending on type of receiver_
  • Compatible with all 318 MHz Silent Call receivers
  • Easy to install
  • No replacing of batteries needed
  • 5 year manufacturers warranty

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