DA50L-A Wireless Expandable Entry Alert Kit
DA50L-A Receiver w/ Cord Entrance Alert in Office DA50L-A Receiver on Side DA50L-A Transmitter DA50L-A Transmitter Back View DA50L-A Transmitter Battery Insert

An Entrance Alert Kit for Businesses of All Sizes Model DA50L-A

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5 Star Rating
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Wireless Expandable Entry Alert Kit
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Accessories & Variations:
Extra Receiver
$75.98 $65.98
Extra Transmitter
$75.98 $65.98
5-Watt External Speaker
$19.98 $16.98
12vDC Siren Accessory
$25.99 $19.99
CX1000A, 500ft. Range
$49.98 $45.00
Blue Strobe Light, 12V DC
Amber Strobe Light, 12V DC
Clear Strobe Light, 12V DC
Red Strobe Light, 12V DC

Do you need Instant Notification when Motion is Detected, or when Customers enter your Office or Store?

The DA50L-A, or the Rodann TX/RX-1000A is long range wireless entrance alert product that uses a PIR based transmitter and plug-in receiver.  This is our best selling, flagship product at

In our opinion, this is one of the best entrance alerts we offer. This entry alarm has been used to alert store owners when a customer enters a store, alert homeowners when kids open the basement door, or notify offices and warehouses when a stock room door has been opened.

The DA50L-A Wireless Door Chime Set is a high-quality passive infrared (PIR) door chime that detects infrared waves whenever something crosses its path. Because it does not use light beam projectors or reflectors, the DA50L-A is resistant to false alarms triggered by light. Works with both open or closed doors.

The DA50L-A Wireless Door Chime is battery operated – no wiring required. It is perfect for both personal use in the home as well as commercial use in warehouses or other restricted areas. 

  • Will work on all doors, including metal
  • Infrared sensor reliably detects motion
  • Wireless system with volume control
  • Easy to install
  • Wide range – receiver can plug into a wall outlet within a 1,000-foot range 
  • Battery-powered transmitter (3 "AA" batteries)
  • Receiver operates on 110 volts
  • Designed to prevent false alarms
  • Four chime options available
  • Counters available
  • Not compatible with DA50 / TX1000 or RX1000 non "A" versions

The DA50L-A is the Rodann Electronics TX/RX1000A and is primarily used to monitor movement in and out of a hallway, doorway, window, or any area where movement may occur.  State of the art PIR technology uses heat and motion to trigger the transmitter, which eliminates false alarms caused by shadows, light, falling leaves, etc.

This unique set can also be used on warehouse roll up doors, inside display cabinets, restricted area protection, or as a (patio, bedroom, bathroom) window alerting device.

The receiver plays four distinct sounds which enables you to zone transmitters.  For example, you may have a PIR sensor at the front door of your office building and one at the back entrance.  Each sensor will trigger a different sound letting you know which sensor triggered the receiver.  The receiver also features a 12 V terminal which will allow you to add on accessories such as a siren, strobe, firebell, or any other product that uses 12V.  The receiver also has an additional terminal screw which allows you to add another speaker, should you need the chime to be louder.

The TX1000A-PB is new product that works with the DA50L-A.  This unit works as a push button and/or a door window contact.

If you have a door or window, simply install the TX1000A-PB and when the door opens, it triggers an alert on the chime receiver.

The produt IS NOT outdoor rated.

The range on this product is 500 ft. from the push button to the receiver.

Customer Reviews

Product Reviewed: Wireless Expandable Entry Alert Kit
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5 Star Rating
(Ida Grove IA)
The DA50L-A Entrance Alert System is very easy to install and works as I expected. When you don't have someone sitting at the front desk 10 hours a day, this is the productrnto have.
5 Star Rating
worked exactly as promised, every time. volume controls awesome, no interference with neighboring businesses - as we had with last door chime. highly recommend.
5 Star Rating
Andrew Shuman
(Binghamton, NY)
5 Star Rating
(Corona, CA)
Works great, can hear anywhere in our 22,000 sq ft building.
5 Star Rating
This is a potential life saver. My elderly neighbor has a tendency to walk away from their home & with this, I have a receiver in my house so I can hear when they walk out of their door. I've gotten an extra transmitter and a couple extra receivers. There's a receiver in 2 houses, in case one of us us doesn't hear the dinging of the neighbors transmitters going off.rnrnA great product!
4 Star Rating
(Shepherdsville, KY)
Installation and set-up was a breeze. Works great. I added the strobe which helps because of the noise in the shop. I have the strobe set for the longest on time but that's only 5 seconds. I think a longer on time would be better. I was told the 9V battery in the transmitter should last at least 6 months but I still think an AC adapter would be a nice option.
5 Star Rating
Works great, has a nice easy tone.
5 Star Rating
(Leominster, MA)
I knew I needed something wireless but wasn't sure of what was available. The man I spoke with was very helpful in suggesting this product and I am VERY happy with it. It was extremely easy to install. I had it out of the box, mounted and ready to go in 15 minutes and that time includes getting my ladder and drill and putting them away. The bell is volume controlled and I bought an extra for the second floor. One is set up 30' away with a brick wall between them and the other is on the second floor on the other side of the building (so walls and floors do not interfere) In Short, reliable product, easy install, fast delivery, courteous service! As for price, I have no idea about comparisons because I don't know what the market is on these things but for what I needed it for, it was worth it to me.
3 Star Rating
Tim M
(Aberdeen SD)
Range is decent, as long as there are no obstructions to block the signal from the transmitter to the receiver (even within 150 feet). I have tried to put the transmitter in a few different places to keep it from sensing the door closing, but am still having a hard time with it. Overall, satisfied with this system because even with false alarms, I know when somebody enters my store.
5 Star Rating
The Body Deli, Inc.
(Palm Desert/California)
This chimer is very effective for letting us know when customers are up front. rnWe have the sensor and the chimer fairly spread a part and they work very well.rnSimple, effective and the customer service is very helpful.
4 Star Rating
(Santa Barbara)
Works perfectly to alert me when people actually enter our office without picking up people walking past the office entrance.
5 Star Rating
Paul Sr.
(Poughkeepsie, NY)
After purchasing several doorbell units that did not work or did not work consistently, this unit performs perfectly.rnrnA cinch to install with great optional accessories. Well worth the money!
5 Star Rating
(new orleans, La)
excellent product. Performed as described. Used to alert staff when a person enters side door.
5 Star Rating
(stuart, fl)
The wireless entrance alert is perfect forrnmy needs. I have a busy shop and when someone comes through the door we can hear them. It works every time, not like those inexpensive ones that you buy at an electronics store.
5 Star Rating
(Fulton, TX)
Fast and friendly service and a doorbell that works as advertised! Can't do any better than that.
4 Star Rating
(Daleville, VA)
Works great! It's such a relief to be able to work in the back of the store without worrying about not hearing customers as they come in.rnThe only reason the I didn't give a 5 star is it's a bit of a hassle to change the pre-programed the bell tone.
5 Star Rating
Dave K
I've had troubles with the products from Home Depot and Loews. This one finally works as described!
5 Star Rating
Flooring Store
Wonderful product, makes life much easier. We know as soon as a customer comes in and can respond from the back office. This allows us to work uninterrupted until someone comes in.
5 Star Rating
(Cleveland, Tn)
This system is very easy to install. It works great with a great range.
5 Star Rating
works awesome.
5 Star Rating
excellent product, works like a charm
5 Star Rating
Quick shipping. Easy to understand instructions. 15 minutes and it was up and running.
5 Star Rating
Excellent project. Works great without being so big that it is an eyesore. Very happy with our purchase and the help we got in making our decision.
5 Star Rating
College Campus
(Rock Springs)
Very easy to install. Many options for sounds, volume, etc. Very adaptable to any location. We use it in an open doorway to alert staff of people wanting to check out at the register.
5 Star Rating
a good buy, as advertised very loud, fits the bill perfectly !!
5 Star Rating
(Layton, UT)
After several attempts to get a simple office notification of an entrance to our building through local home box stores, several "add-ons" to them from, and so much complication...I tried this one simple purchase from 1800Doorbell. I absolutely wish I had just gone here first. The unit works exactly like I had hoped. I simply wanted to hear a sound when a customer comes through our doors. No false alarms. No annoying sounds. It was easy. It was worth every cent. It was more expensive than the unit that I bought at the local home specialty store, but much cheaper once I added on this component and that component from Amazon. What a waste of time and money. This unit will do the trick.
5 Star Rating
(hayward ca)
but the only thing I don't enjoy is that we have to calll another # for tech support
5 Star Rating
(Salem, Oregon)
It worked perfect for the job I needed.
5 Star Rating
(Dickinson North Dakota)
Works as advertised. Took 5 minutes to install.
5 Star Rating
(Brenham, TX)
This item is exactly what we were looking for. We have an existing door chime in place in our storefront, but it only alerts the people in the offices in the back of the store when a customer comes in. If we were in the warehouse we weren't able to hear the chime and would miss when customers came in. After doing some research and reading the reviews for this item, the Long Range Wireless Entrance Alert seemed to be the answer to our problem. It was very easy to set up and install, and it works perfectly! Having looked at several other products, I was worried that the signal wouldn't make it through the walls from the front door into our warehouse, but it does without any problem. We also bought the blue strobe light to go with the receiver, as it can sometimes be very loud in the warehouse. Now even if we don't hear the chime in the warehouse, the strobe light alerts us when a customer has come in. This item has exceeded our expectations, and we would gladly recommend it!

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