WC-6035-WH Automatic Closet Light
WC-6035-WH Automatic Closet Light

Automatic Closet Light Will Turn On Your Closet Light Whenever The Door Is Opened. Model WC-6035-WH

Manufacturer: Heath Zenith
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Contact Based Automatic Closet Light
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Are you constantly fumbling for the light switch when entering your closet? Or how about fumbling for the bathroom light switch in the middle of the night? If thats the case then the WC-6035 is perfect for you!

This automatic closet light is a great and easy way to add lights to closet or pantries. Simply remove your existing light bulb and screw in the light socket receiver, then replace the light bulb in the light socket receiver. If you use this light as a bathroom light, it will turn on automatically whenever the door is opened. This is perfect for those late night bathroom trips. 

  • 150W incandescent light control
  • Magnetic contact
  • Dimension of the socket is 3.75"w x 3.75"d x 4.5"h
  • Dimension of the entry magnet are 0.625"w x 0.5"d x 1.625"h
  • Works on all wireless command products
  • Around 20 hrs battery life
  • Easy installation

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