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FPC1525A Flameless Holiday Candle

A Flameless LED Candle That Is Safe and Beautiful

There is something nostalgic about having a candle burning in every window of your home to warm the heart during the cold winter months. I love driving up to my house and seeing a tiny white light “burning” in my windows. However, since I have 3 small children – and
broken doorbell at friends house

It’s Time to Fix Your Doorbell Dude

Most doorbells are easy to figure out. There’s a button to the right of the front door, it beckons to be pushed whether it’s working or not, so you push it.. In a perfect scenario you immediately hear the bell inside of the residence and take a step back waiting for the do

1800 Doorbell Carries Hearing Impaired Products And Solutions!

1800 Doorbell has been partnering with various hearing impaired solutions manufacturers to feature some of the best products available for people hard of hearing. These manufacturers such as Bellman & Symfon, Clarity, Silent Call,TV Ears, and Silent Alert continuously strive to pr

Doorbells and Evolution: Who uses their Thumb to ring the bell?

Being in the doorbell industry, we are always looking to the future and what role doorbells may or not play in our lives.  Everyday I search for products, different designs and cutting edge products, that one day might be the next “big thing”  in our industry.  After readi

Halloween Candy and Scary Doorbells?

As Halloween closes in on us this year, it reminds me of my childhood and the memories of trick or treating when I was a kid.   Looking back now, the one thing I took for granted, was how important and almost sacred the doorbell was!  The arguing, and racing towards the next house to

Doorbell Solution for the Hearing Impaired

I came across a good article today regarding Hearing Dogs for Deaf People.  If you’re like me, I typically thought of seeing eye dogs, not “hearing dogs.”  In this particular story I read in “The Guardian” online newspaper article “Hearing dogs: 
doorbell wakes family to fire

Can a Doorbell save your Life?

Being completely honest, sometimes it is hard to write about doorbells.  Although we are extremely passionate about them here at, we completely understand why they may not be very exciting to you.   As hard as we may try, getting others excited about them is hard to d

Don’t Smash that Doorbell Man, Try A Nice Carlon Chime!

We’ve all had our moments when something pushes us over the edge.  When it comes to electronics, malfunctioning electronics can sometimes top the list of annoyances!   Today I came across a video that shows a man who has clearly had enough with his doorbell and decided to take m

Selling your home? Make sure the doorbell works!

It may sound trivial, but a working doorbell made the list on a recent Huffington Post article by author Laura McHolm. From the article: Don’t forget about the outside of your home. You want to make a good first impression! • Make sure the front door is freshly painted and the d