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Protect your pool and your family with a simple to use door alarm

Since inception, has carried a large offering of entrance and motion alerts, as well as exit alarms.  The most common uses of these types of alarms are for security purposes. Most users want to be notified when someone, or something, enters or passes through a door, o
Why Can't People Ring the Doorbell?

Unusual doorbells that make you take notice!

Like many people who come to your front door, Jack Torrance in “The Shinning” obviously doesn’t know how to use a doorbell push button.  Rather than using an axe like Jack, why not use the doorbell?  Truth is, so many people simply bypass the doorbell and knock on yo
doorbell jokester

A Doorbell for the Jokester in Your Like

Before I got into this business, I never really thought much about doorbells. To be honest, I thought doorbells were rather boring.  I mean really, what can you do with the doorbell? Don’t they all make either a “ding-dong” sound” or maybe some standard classic
entrance alerts for businesses

Improve Customer Service Dramatically for Pennies a Day!

I came across this picture today and thought it apropo to what I wanted to blog about.  This dog is truly the family watchdog.  Obvious by the sign that is posted this dog takes his job as the official family entrance alert very seriously.  Entrance alerts are products that notify you
i cannot hear my doorbell

A Simple Solution to an Annoying Problem for the Hearing Impaired!

“I can’t hear my doorbell!”   There are several different reasons that you may not be able to hear your doorbell and after asking a few questions, we are able to quickly diagnosis the problem and most of the time – find a solution!    The underlying issues usua
FPC1530 LED Candle

Why not Leave a Candle Burning in the Window?

Of all the products we sell at one, my favorite is the LED holiday candles.  On our store, we sell only candles manufacturer by Dimango Carlon. Over the years, Carlon has been an industry leader in LED candle creation and the quality is evident in these candles. Upon
How to prevent door chime interference

Why does my Doorbell Ring when my Neighbor’s does?

This is a question that seems to come up frequently with many of our customers. Most wireless doorbells and/or chimes on the market today have what are called “privacy codes” or channel selectors.   Back in March of 2012 I wrote a similar article you can link to here: http
doorbell butt

How Automated Lighting Can Enhance Your Home Security

Coming home to a dark house can be frightening, particularly if you live in a neighborhood that has a relatively high crime rate. Taking the time to find your keys and unlock the door can actually give a burglar time to overcome you, entering your house. It simply cannot be stressed e
driveway alerts

Choosing the Best Driveway Alert System

There are many ways to protect your home and family and alert you when someone is on your property. One of the easiest, most effective and most affordable on the market today is a driveway alert system. Simple to use, they can be set up in minutes and serve as a useful notification wh