The Entry Chime and Its Variants

Posted On 11 Feb 2012
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An entry chime is a common security feature in many residential, commercial and industrial buildings. They will notify someone already in the building that a visitor has arrived and can also be combined with a variety of other security systems to enable complete monitoring if necessary. This can include linking up with motion detectors, infrared sensors, security cameras and the Internet, so that the entire system can be monitored remotely in real time if necessary.

Shops and stores

The most common place to see an entry chime installed is in a shop or a store. They are connected to the door and when a customer opens it the chime is sounded, alerting any staff that there is a customer to deal with. This can be very convenient in a store that has many aisles and where the entrance is not always visible, or in stores where the owner must sometimes be working in a back or a side room.

 Different types of entry chime

There are different types of entry chimes, such as infrared chimes which detect if a person crosses a beam of infrared light when they enter a building. These are more appropriate for areas where the door is often open already.

There is also a magnetic variety of entry chime, which is triggered when the door is opened. The two halves of the magnet separate when the door is pushed open and this is the event that will trigger the chime.

There are of course mechanical devices available as well, which work by pulling a string, or in many cases chimes are simply hung above a door with the actual chimes brushed aside when the door opens.

 High tech entry chimes

In this day and age, the entry chime can also be networked wireless to other security systems. A good combination that will provide good security and deter crime in a public place is to have an infrared entry chime above a door, that is also connected in real time to a security camera. In this case, security staff monitoring the entrance will be able to evaluate in real time if the entry is authorized or not and respond accordingly. These types of systems are often used in commercial or industrial applications, where high tech and sensitive technologies may be manufactured or researched.

This type of entry chime can also be combined with other security technology to allow people to gain access to a building if they are authorized, such as biometric security checks (iris scans, fingerprints, hand prints), facial recognition technology, number plate recognition, keyless locks and entry codes.

An entry chime can of course also be hooked up to an alarm system. If an unauthorized access is detected, then a security event will be triggered that sets off an alarm in the building. Often an alarm is enough to have a criminal scrambling to safety, but in the event that an entry chime or alarm is not effective in scaring them away then local police can be notified remotely and will arrive on the scene within minutes.

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