Protect your pool and your family with a simple to use door alarm

long range door alertSince inception, has carried a large offering of entrance and motion alerts, as well as exit alarms.  The most common uses of these types of alarms are for security purposes. Most users want to be notified when someone, or something, enters or passes through a door, or a certain monitored zone. I have written many other blog posts about the use of entrance alerts as a customer service device for your retail store, to alert you as soon as a customer has arrived.   I have also written in the past about using these entrance alerts to secure your facility against unauthorized entrances into your facility or office.   Today I want to talk about some obvious and very practical uses of entrance alerts around the home.

Several years ago we had a pool built in our backyard. Our state requires alarms to notify us when doors that lead from the house to the pool area are opened.   This is to ensure that children cannot wander out of the house unnoticed and potentially drown in the pool.   I conducted quite an extensive search for “pool alarms“, but was not happy with the products that I found. One of the biggest sellers is a simple entrance alert, that has a magnetic contact that you hook up to your door. When the door is open, the alarm emits a very loud siren sound. Although this certainly does the job of alerting you with a blaring siren when the door opens, it is actually not very practical. If you spend much time outside, and entertain often, that siren can be very annoying. However using something that has more of a gentle chime sound, where you can spread the sound throughout your home is much more appealing to me and my family.
The problem was that I could not find a system that met the requirements that I needed for the state requirement.

I needed something:

  • with a long range
  • loud chime that could be easily heard
  • something that I could distribute throughout my home, in case I wasn’t near the door when it opened

What I decided to do was build a kit to be used for the purpose of protecting my family and guests from wandering out into the pool. This kit, is known as the DA 2500 Door Alert, and consists of one window door contact, and one plug-in receiver. The range from the transmitter to the receiver is up to 2500 feet.    This may sound like overkill, but keep in mind that 2500 feet is the published range by the manufacturer. We all know that in reality, the published marketing range never really works in real life. This is because environmental factors will interfere with the wireless signal transmission. In homes, materials like brick, concrete, stucco, and other materials will dramatically reduce the transmission range on most products.   Essentially, this is the same reason that a wireless router in your home may not give you the range that the box says it will.

The transmitter in this kit can function as a push-button or a door window contact. Using the supplied double sided mounting tape, or the mounting screws, I easily attached the transmitter to the frame of the door that leads to the pool area.   When the magnetic contact between the door and the door frame is separated, the transmitter sends a wireless signal to the plug-in receiver.
The kit also ships with one plug-in receiver that has a volume control.  The system has the capability to play up to four different tones and plugs into a standard wall outlet.  However, since our home is 2 story, with a basement, it was important that we were able to hear the chime no matter what floor, or room we were in at the time.  So, we purchased additional plug-in receivers. I have one receiver in the basement, one receiver on the first floor of the home, and one receiver in our bedroom. We have the volume turned up loud to hear these receivers throughout the home.  Now when the door opens, a tone is generated. The tone that we chose is the four note Westminster chime. The volume control on the receiver is loud enough to where I can hear it throughout the bottom level of my home. However the one in my bedroom will wake me up at night if the door opens. The great thing about this product is that if I am outside, or around the pool area I can turn the sound all the way down, or simply turn it off.
This is an inexpensive, reliable product, that is very versatile. The applications for this product are limitless. A driveway alarm sensor can also be added to the system that works with the same receiver. When a car enters the driveway,  a different tone would chime alerting of a visitor in the driveway.   There are also motion sensors available,  additional door window contacts, and driveway alarms that I referred to earlier.  In the next blog post, I will address some other useful ways that these products could be applied ; specifically extended care facilities using them to alert caregivers when elderly patients leave their home.
Please don’t hesitate to call us if you need help with this product or have a unique situation that you can’t figure out!  We are experts at coming up with solutions!  1 800–3 66–7235, or email at
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Why Can't People Ring the Doorbell?

Unusual doorbells that make you take notice!

Why Can't People Ring the Doorbell?Like many people who come to your front door, Jack Torrance in “The Shinning” obviously doesn’t know how to use a doorbell push button.  Rather than using an axe like Jack, why not use the doorbell?  Truth is, so many people simply bypass the doorbell and knock on your door.  How can something so simple be so hard for people to use? With the vast amount of technology surrounding us on a daily basis, simple things like ringing a doorbell push-button seems so hard for most people.

To be completely honest we get some pretty crazy calls here. I feel like we could write a nice, entertaining coffee table book about some of the crazy questions and advice we have received calls about.  When you are on the phone all day answering basic questions about doorbells, anything off topic is something we cherish.  One question, that on the surface might be amusing, is one that we actually can help with.  People have asked us before what we would recommend that get people to NOTICE their doorbell more, versus knocking on the door.   How many times have people come to your door and knocked rather than use the push button right in front of them?  If you are hard of hearing, or now within ear-shot of the front door, even loud bangs will often go unheard.  USE THE DOORBELL PEOPLE!
I have a rather easy answer, but before I get into that I like to show you some of the funny pictures I have found online of how others get people to notice their doorbell.  Notice I did not say, “push the doorbell.”  I am showing pictures of ways to get it noticed, for most of these, it may not be something you would actually get people to push but they will definitely notice it. mousetrap doorbellA funny one I came across the other day is coined “the Redneck Doorbell.”  To me, this would be a deterrent to actually use the chime but you certainly notice it.
I also found this awesome “eyeball” doorbell, that I would love to install at my own house.  It truly looks like someone inside the house is “eyeballing” you as you walk up to the front door!  And, it makes me want to push it, just to poke the intrusive button in the eye!
eyeball doorbellFor most of us, doorbell buttons like the ones above are not our style, so what do we do?   We feel like a lighted button is the best answer. A lighted push a button users an LED bulb inside the push-button to illuminate the button.  Even during the daytime, these illuminated buttons are bright enough for people to see.
There is a huge selection of push buttons to choose from, from classy and understated to over the top!  The key is to find one that matches the exterior of your home as well as your own style and personality!  As always do not hesitate to call us at one 800–366–7235 or email us at to find out more about the wide selection of chimes and push buttons that we recommend.


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doorbell jokester

A Doorbell for the Jokester in Your Like

doorbell jokesterBefore I got into this business, I never really thought much about doorbells. To be honest, I thought doorbells were rather boring.  I mean really, what can you do with the doorbell? Don’t they all make either a “ding-dong” sound” or maybe some standard classical tune like the Westminster chime?
Many years later and having worked with literally thousands of doorbells I can say I was dead wrong. The other day we got a call from a younger customer who was looking for a novelty doorbell for his new condo. He wanted something that would play a tune different than your standard door chime.  We told the customer to give us his email address and we would do some searching for him, and send him a link to door chimes that we thought would fit his needs. When seeing his email address, I quickly realized he was a Florida Gator fan. Boy did we have the right doorbell for him.
The chime we recommended is called an iChime. The iChime is a recordable, or programmable doorbell that allows you to record virtually anything you want on your doorbell. When someone pushes the  push button the door chime will play the recorded melody, song, or tune that you programmed into it. Recording into this product is very easy. With a built-in microphone, transferring music can be done in a snap. Simply turn the selector dial to the pre-programmed selection and when someone pushes the doorbell it’s going to play that favorite college fight song, rap song, holiday tune, or voice message that you want your guests to hear.
The iChime is wired doorbell. But don’t let that intimidate you, as installation is fairly straightforward and can be done by non-professionals by following the simple to use instructions.   The iChime uses a 16V transformer and 4 x AA Alkaline batteries to ensure proper backup of tunes in case of a power failure.
As I mentioned earlier, recording what you want on the iChime is fairly easy and straightforward. Using the built-in microphone or the separate audio line input, connected to your PC or portable audio device.  This product allows you to record up to six custom tunes, each up to 60 seconds in length.   Another great feature about the iChime is that it comes with 47 pre-programmed tunes that you can choose from.   Whether it’s a classical door chime sound like Westminster, ding-dong, St. Michael’s, etc., or a variety of holiday, Halloween , favorites like La Cucaracha, or reveille, or even a diverse array of fun and special occasion songs, this doorbell has something for everyone.
After sending the link to this product, the customer purchased this product, and became a happy customer!   He told us about a party he had prior to a Florida gator football game a few weeks earlier. He had recorded the Florida gator fight song on his new doorbell, and when his old fraternity brothers came over and pushed the button, they were ecstatic to be greeted by their favorite fight song.  Now he is the talk of the town amongst his group of friends.
The iChime is a recordable door chime marketed by For the jokester in your life, give us a call or see the product here.
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entrance alerts for businesses

Improve Customer Service Dramatically for Pennies a Day!

entrance alerts for businesses I came across this picture today and thought it apropo to what I wanted to blog about.  This dog is truly the family watchdog.  Obvious by the sign that is posted this dog takes his job as the official family entrance alert very seriously.  Entrance alerts are products that notify you when someone or something enters a monitored zone.  It could take the form of a driveway alarm, a door window contact, a motion detector, or even the economical, mechanical entrance alert like the EZTone.  As a small business owner I cannot fathom that all businesses don’t have some sort of entrance alert for the security and safety of their employees. Not only are these products great security devices they also have great customer service benefits as well.
Many of us don’t have fido waiting by the window watching for anything approaching our facility so we need to look for products or services to help us.  As a small business owner, I have often been faced with decisions whether to leave the front doors and back doors unlocked. Receiving packages every day from the Postal Service and/or FedEx and UPS, having the door locked means I risk missing package delivery or pick up.   In many cases when you don’t hear them approach they will quickly leave and not drop off your packages.  Sounds like a petty thing but for many businesses this is actually a big deal.

So then you think about leaving your doors unlocked. We had a scare a couple of years ago when we found someone randomly walking through the front offices of our facility.  In this case, the person was in the wrong place so it wasn’t really a big deal. Often times sales people, selling things like phonebook directories, phone service, copiers, etc., will randomly walk in a business looking for someone to talk to.   In today’s times, this is a major security concern, and as a small business owner, you owe it to your employees to ensure their utmost security and safety. For this reason I cannot imagine why all businesses don’t all have some sort of entrance alert.
Entrance alerts will send a notification to a remote location when someone enters your facility.  When managers or business owners think about entrance alerts they often think that these are elaborate or expensive systems and would need to be installed by a professional. This is simply not the case. offers a variety of cost effective, do-it-yourself type of entrance alert products that are highly effective,  cost effective, and simple to install.  We have products that are purely mechanical in nature, wired products, and wireless products, some with ranges of up to 50 feet, and some with ranges up to several miles.  These devices will allow managers and office employees to roam freely about the facility without feeling threatened by someone randomly coming in the offices.There are different classifications of the products that I’m mentioning here. One of the oldest and best sellers of all time is the DC1 EZTone entrance alert. This is a self-contained product that easily installs above a doorway, on both inswing and outswing doors. The product has a magnetic plunger that breaks apart when the door is opened. The plunger is released striking a metal plate inside the box producing a gentle tone sound. This product is great for areas under 2000 ft.², such as offices or convenience stores.
For most commercial applications, we highly recommend the DA50L-A.  This is a wireless entrance alert that has a range from the sensor to the receiver of up to 2000 feet. Although this may sound like overkill for you, keep in mind that concrete, metal, stucco, and other building materials will dramatically affect the transmission signals strength. A 2000 foot range will give you the power you need to penetrate those environmental factors that other products simply won’t have the juice to do.This entrance alert is a wireless product that ships with one wireless transmitter and one plug-in receiver. The wireless sensor/transmitter, is a PIR sensor typically mounted over an entrance that you want to monitor. This sensor emits an an invisible passive infrared beam that is triggered when a heat and movement signature is detected and then transmits a wireless signal up to 2000 feet to the plug-in receiver. The plug-in receiver has volume control, four zones capable, and the ability to output a live 12V current, and a terminal screw for a loudspeaker. This  allows you to connect the receiver to a loudspeaker,  strobe light, or any device that maybe powered by a twelve volt current.
A typical scenario is for a business to leave the front door unlocked, and to install this sensor above this door. When someone enters your facility, a wireless signal is sent to the receiver, playing a gentle chime sound letting you know that a guest – or a customer – has arrived.  The great thing about this product is you can have multiple transmitters – if you have more than one door –  and multiple receivers – if you need to hear the alert in multiple locations of floors.Although this product is primarily used as a security type of device, it is also used to dramatically increase customer service.  Many retail stores use this system to alert them when a customer enters the store. This allows employees not to be tethered to the front desk and allows them to work in places like the stockroom. They hear this alert and then immediately know a customer has entered the store. The beauty is that now they can go personally greet and speak with their potential customer. Gas stations and convenience stores often use this product to alert them when someone enters the beverage cooler, for example.
Homeowners often use these entrance alarms for similar type reasons as well. One great application is for use on exterior doors. This is great when you have small children and will alert you when they exit your home, open a door, or enter an area that you want to monitor such as a pool.
These products are highly effective, and very simple to install. Better than that they are extremely cost-effective. We have models ranging from $39.99 to $149. Regardless of your situation, I am sure we have the solution that you need. Please call or email us and our experts would be happy to assist you in choosing the right product for your needs.
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i cannot hear my doorbell

A Simple Solution to an Annoying Problem for the Hearing Impaired!

i cannot hear my doorbellI can’t hear my doorbell!“   There are several different reasons that you may not be able to hear your doorbell and after asking a few questions, we are able to quickly diagnosis the problem and most of the time – find a solution!    The underlying issues usually fall into the one of three categories I have outlined below:
1.  One group that typically can’t hear the doorbell ring is the elderly or the hard of hearing.   We offer an entire line of products to help with this frustrating situation.  Depending on the severity, this will dictate what product we may recommend.  The most common product we recommend for simple hard of hearing issues is the WC 180. This is a doorbell manufactured by 1800doorbell that offers a bright strobe light to notify the user when the doorbell is ringing.  The receiver (chime and strobe)  plugs into the wall, and will play one of three sounds when someone pushes the wireless pushbutton located at the door.  At the same time,  the receiver is playing the chime, a bright LED strobe light flashes in sequence with the tune.    This product is also available with extra pushbuttons to allow side or back doors to have a pushbutton as well.   Or add an additional receiver/chime to other rooms in your home, so that you don’t miss an important visitor or delivery man!
2.  Another category for folks who can’t hear their doorbell ring is when the doorbell is older, or simply was not designed to be very loud.  The easiest fix for this is an add on product to your existing doorbell called the “extend-a-chime” by Carlon,  or the
RC3200.  This ingenious product ships as a kit that includes one transmitter and one plug-in wireless receiver. The transmitter is very easy to set up by wiring  into your existing wired doorbell transformer.   Although that may sound intimidating, the easy-to-follow instructions will enable just about anyone to install this in a snap.  Here is how it works:    when someone pushes your wired doorbell’s front button as an example, the transmitter that’s wired into your transformer will generate a wireless signal and send it to the plug-in receiver.   Not only will your existing wired doorbell ring, the plug-in receiver will also chime. You can add as many plug-in receivers, (battery operated receivers are also available, if you need something more portable) throughout your home as needed.
This system works well in situations where you may have added an addition to your home, finished your basement,  or want to be able to hear the doorbell in the garage.   Simply installing a doorbell extender like this one will increase the listening range throughout your home or business for you to hear the doorbell chime.  It is so simple and cost effective that you will wonder how you ever got along without it!
3.  Finally, for the extremely hard of hearing, or deaf, we carry a full line of alert and notification systems specifically designed for the deaf. These products have been designed from the bottom up with the hearing impaired in mind. Whether you want a motion sensor with a bright LED notification, a doorbell that has an extremely bright LED to provide a visual indicator, or even a bed shaker alarm clock, we carry the full line of products from some of the best manufacturers in the world.
If you have trouble hearing your doorbell, we have a solution that works for your situation. If we don’t carry the right product to help your situation, we will do everything we can to help you find a product that will.  We truly care about our customers, and  pride ourselves on the doing the right thing at all times!
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FPC1530 LED Candle

Why not Leave a Candle Burning in the Window?

FPC1530 LED CandleOf all the products we sell at one, my favorite is the LED holiday candles.  On our store, we sell only candles manufacturer by Dimango Carlon.

Over the years, Carlon has been an industry leader in LED candle creation and the quality is evident in these candles. Upon inserting the batteries, you will immediately notice how substantial they feel in your hand.  In addition, the LED bulb feels solid, and they will last year after year.   Carlon was one of the first manufacturers to use an LED bulb, versus an incandescent bulb, in their candles. The LED bulb has several advantages, one of the most important is the fact that the battery draw is significantly less than an incandescent bulb.  Which means that the candles will emit a warm glow for the entire holiday season, without worrying about the battery life.   Also, unlike an incandescent bulb, and LED bulb always stays cool to the touch.  This provides you the peace of mind knowing that you truly CAN leave a candle the candles to beautifully illuminate your home at night without fear of burning your house down.  These candles also feature a photocell which turns the candles on at dusk, and automatically turns them off at dawn.
While all of these things are important, let’s not forget how beautiful the candle looks!   The Carlon holiday Christmas candles are available in a white light and a light that has a warm yellow glow, depending on your personal preference. Although the white bulb is the most popular, my personal favorite is the warm yellow glow bulb. It gives off a very natural glow.   The candles look extremely realistic, especially from the street, and adds an elegant touch to your holiday decorations.. You can also choose a solid glow or a flicker mode with just the flip of a switch.

These great features are NOT just available in the holiday season candles, but also available year round,  in all of the popular Carlon candles. Some of our favorite are the FTP1434 LED votive rechargeable candles. These candles come in a pack of four, and ship with a recharging station. You simply put the candles on the base station to recharge them.  Once recharged, turn the candles on and they will flicker for 3 to 4 days. Put them inside your favorite votive or candle vase, and it’s virtually impossible to tell they aren’t real. No more worrying about getting up to blow out the candles.

 I would invite you to take a look at our LED candles on our store. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call or email us and we would be happy to assist you.
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How to prevent door chime interference

Why does my Doorbell Ring when my Neighbor’s does?

This is a question that seems to come up frequently with many of our customers. Most wireless doorbells and/or chimes on the market today have what are called “privacy codes” or channel selectors.   Back in March of 2012 I wrote a similar article you can link to here: or you can visit our frequently asked questions (FAQ):

 First, let’s understand why interference occurs. Wireless doorbells, and almost all other wireless products for that matter, operate within a given frequency range.    For example, we have a doorbell that operates at 315 MHz when it transmits a signal from the pushbutton to the wireless receiver.   If some other device within the range of the transmitter and receiver is operating on that same frequency, those signals will interfere with each other, or create a problem with operation.
This is really the same problem that happens when a neighbors device randomly seems to ring your device.  Or, have you ever had a baby monitor and can pick up people talking? Or how about a walkie-talkie, you put it on a channel and can hear other people talking on that same channel. All of these things are basically occurring because it’s all happening on the same frequency.
Privacy codes provide the ability to change the actual operating frequency of the device. When I mentioned earlier that we have a doorbell that operates at 315 MHz, in reality it operates within a given range around 315 MHz. Privacy codes on the back of the receiver and on back of the doorbell transmitter enable you to manually change the operating frequency. A good way to think of it is after changing the privacy code the transmitter sends a signal at 315.5 MHz.  When the receiver has privacy codes and they are set to 315.5 MHz those two components are operating at exactly the same frequency. The likelihood of another device operating at 315.5 MHz is slim.
Here’s  a drawing of the privacy codes that appear on the back of Carlon/Dimango wireless door chime products included with their chime products.  On the back of the transmitter (the push button) and the receiver there are tiny wire loops.  Snipping, or clipping, these wires will change the privacy codes to any combination different than the default.
How to prevent door chime interference
Privacy codes will help avoid interference, and they also enable you to do things like pair specific pushbuttons with certain receivers.  A business may want to have a pushbutton work with a receiver in the receptionist office and have a different pushbutton work with the receiver in the warehouse managers office. By selecting privacy codes and matching the devices to the respective components, you are ensuring that your chimes operate correctly.
Still confused?  Give us a call,  we will help you sort it out.   If you have a business,  or a multifamily complex where there may be multiple push buttons and receivers,  privacy codes will play an important role in your set up. For more help or information please don’t hesitate to call us at 1-800-366-7235 or email us at .
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doorbell butt

How Automated Lighting Can Enhance Your Home Security

Automated Lights For Your Home

Coming home to a dark house can be frightening, particularly if you live in a neighborhood that has a relatively high crime rate. Taking the time to find your keys and unlock the door can actually give a burglar time to overcome you, entering your house. It simply cannot be stressed enough that outdoor lighting is critical when it comes to overall home security.

Automated outdoor lighting can be very beneficial, particularly if you often arrive home after dark. Instead of having to leave a light on while you are gone, the light will simply come on when specified, lighting up your pathway and giving you adequate light to get inside your home safely. Automated lighting can be accomplished in a number of ways and one of the most popular today is having a home security system that offers this function.

You can set a time for your lights to automatically come on or if you choose, you can turn them on from your cell phone or computer before you arrive home. Home automation has become very popular over the past decade and one reason is because it allows for automated lighting which offers significant security benefits. Leaving your porch light on while you are not at home, particularly if you are going to be gone for several days, could signal to would-be burglars that your home is empty. Having automated lighting however, means that the lights will come on when burglars are least expecting it. If someone is attempting to enter your home just after dark, the sudden brightness of the lights will cause them to flee in most cases.

With digitally controlled remote lighting, your lights will turn on precisely when you want them to do so. You can turn them on as you are entering your driveway or have them on and waiting for you when you reach your neighborhood. Security experts recommend always having adequate outdoor lighting as part of your overall home security plan and taking the steps to ensure that you have this lighting offers more than one benefit. Many home insurance companies offer discounts for any extra measures that you can take that will help to protect your home from burglaries. If you are planning to purchase a home security system anyway, adding the home automation option for outdoor lighting is just icing on the cake.

Before you purchase a home security system, find out if automation is an option. This is a relatively inexpensive addition to a basic security plan and gives you loads of benefits. Should you forget to leave a light on when you leave home, you can rest assured knowing that your path will be well-lit when you get back. Home automation offers a number of other benefits as well such as allowing you to unlock and lock your doors from remote locations, giving you control over your heating and air conditioning systems and a few other advantages that should be seriously considered as part of an overall home security plan.

Read more from our blog:

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driveway alerts

Choosing the Best Driveway Alert System

driveway alerts There are many ways to protect your home and family and alert you when someone is on your property. One of the easiest, most effective and most affordable on the market today is a driveway alert system. Simple to use, they can be set up in minutes and serve as a useful notification when someone has entered your driveway. Typically, a system will come with one transmitter, installed at some point along your driveway (how far down the driveway is up to you.). The transmitter will pick up the heat from a vehicle, or the movement from a person or animal and transmit a signal to a receiver. The receiver will most likely be a plug in, which you will plug into a standard outlet in your home where you want to hear the alert. Most systems give you the option to add on additional receivers (if you want to be alerted in more than one location of the house) or additional transmitters (if you have more than one driveway leading to your property).

However, there are many options on the market today and at first glance, it may be overwhelming to compare all of the features and decide which one is the right choice for you. To help make the search a bit more straight forward, you need only ask yourself a few simple questions to help narrow down the options and make the best purchase decision.

1. Do I want to detect ALL movement, including vehicles, people and animals, or do I want to be alerted only when cars enter my property? In some cases, you may be having a problem with people entering your property unauthorized, or a pesky deer or dog reeking havoc on your flowers.

2. What is the distance of my property? Approximately how far is it from where I will install the transmitter on my driveway to the receiver in my home. Keep in mind that systems on the market today can transmit anywhere from 650 ft. to several miles. Obstacles such as heavy woods or hills on the property may decrease the over all range, so you may need a more powerful system. However, the price of the system does increase with the range of the system.

3. Do I need a hand held receiver that is portable? Do you need to move around your home or office, or spend a lot of time outdoors? While many systems offer only a plug in receiver, there are some brands on the market that offer a portable receiver. This offers you the added flexibility and freedom to be alerted of a visitor on your property no matter where you have roamed.

Driveway alert systems are a great security option to complement a home security alarm. It gives the added security of knowing who is coming and going on your property! To make the decision process quick and stress free, we have added a handy comparison chart to easily assess the various alternatives available at 1800 Doorbell.


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Our First Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales

We have always been hesitant to offer Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales at   As a small business owner and consumer, I have often been skeptical, and a bit cynical regarding these sales.  How could these stores really be offering products at 50%-60% their “normal” retail sales is beyond me.   With regards to my business there’s no real way I could offer legitimate discounts on my main products.   To be competitive with other online stores we have very small margins.  Offering products at 50% off would be discounting them far below what I actually pay for the products. The cynical side of me has always questioned these sales and this cynicism was confirmed when  read a WSJ article yesterday about how these deals are really illusions.

Here’s a short video about the article:

For our first Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales events, we decided to offer real discounts off our normal prices. We are not offering higher than normal prices and slashing them down.  We started with our already normal pricing and are offering a discount on top of that.  There are four main categories for our Black Friday sales at  The first three buckets are products grouped into $20,$10, and $5 buckets.   Some of these products are overstocked items, some are product accessories in hope you will like the main product line.  Some are flat out steals.  For example, for under $10 we are offering 4 different wired door chime products you can’t find anywhere else close to this price.  The RC210 is a Broan/Nutone wired doorbell that is being offered for $6.99 + $4.95 shipping.

RC210 wired doorbell

On Black Friday we will offer our fourth category which will contain some deep discounts on our best selling products.  As sneak peak, for example, will be offering our most popular driveway alarm as a bundle with accessories with a significant drop in the kit price and some accessories for less than our cost.

So although our discounts won’t be flashy like “60% off,” these are real discounts, not hyped up offers like larger retails tend to do.

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