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image of stainless steel doorbell

Reviews & Advice on Choosing the Best Wireless Doorbell

When you don’t have a doorbell on the front door – or if yours doesn’t work properly – you can miss out on a lot. There’s no reason to continue dealing with the inconvenience, missed connections and safety compromise of being without a doorbell. Don’

Driveway Alarm Reviews – Find The Best Driveway Alarm

If you live in the country or on a large property, monitoring the surrounding area with the best driveway alarm for your needs can make life a lot easier–and safer. With a cost-effective, easy-to-use driveway alarm, you’ll be immediately notified of unexpected visitors or sales

The BL600 Series of Deck Marker Lights for My Home Improvement Project

If you’re like me, there are always projects to do around the house. There’s one particular project I have wanted to do for some time but exactly how I was going to do it always stumped me, and that was how I was going to add lighting to my deck and walk-way around to our
LED battery light by Xodus

No Wiring Needed Under-Cabinet and Closet Lights

It’s actually pretty annoying.  You move into a new home and realize there aren’t any lights in the coat closet, or you look for that window cleaner somewhere under the sink and realize you are in the dark–literally.  This happened in our home.  We found our home whe
solutions for the hard of hearing

Hearing Solutions for the Hard of Hearing at 1800doorbell

  This is an article written by my wife, Shawn Warren, who is hard of hearing: Over 35 Million people in the United States suffer from a form of hearing loss; that is over 11% of   the population. And I know, because I am one of them. Hearing loss isn’t something that only    ha

Prevent Baby Drowning in Pools and Hot Tubs with Help of An Entry/Exit Alarm

Childhood drownings in or around the home is a tragedy that can be prevented.   Here are the facts: Nearly 1,000 children die every year from drowning. In 2002 the Consumer Product Safety Commission published a report stating that a whopping 350 kids, under the age of 5, drown in a po

Decorating with the Pineapple

The pineapple has long served as a symbol of hospitality and graciousness.  But where and why did the pineapple become so popular, not only as a delicious fruit, but also as a source of decoration? History documents that Christopher Columbus first “discovered” the fruit wh
A simple DIY video for the RC3250

The Basic Setup of the RC3250 Wireless Door Chime

Today Michael shot a quick video on how to install the Carlon RC 3250 wireless door chime kit. Before reading this blog post or watching the video let me give you a quick warning: if you’re expecting to see high-end, polished videos given by professional marketeers, don’t
How to prevent door chime interference

What are Privacy Codes on Your Wireless Door Chime and How to Change Them

A frequently asked question to our support team at 1800 Doorbell concern what are known as "privacy codes" on their wireless door chime products. Usually what spurs the call is someone's door chime randomly chiming or ringing without anyone at the front door. In some cases this coul