BL300 Glowing Key Chain
BL300 Key Chain as Zipper Pull BL300 Lighted Keychain on Oak Table

Never Loose this Glowing KeyChain Model BL300

Manufacturer: Xodus Innovations
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Glowing Key Chain
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You may be saying to yourself, "how can a keyfob" be innovative?"  Get a BL300 and you'll see what I am talking about.  The BL300 is one of the coolest products I own.  As a matter of fact, I give it out to friends and family for just about any occassion I can think of.

What makes it so cool, you may ask?  First, it simply looks cool.  The bottom half of the FOB is black ABS plastic, and the top is a clear, frosted plastic.  When you push the button located in the center of the lower half, the top half shines brightly using a LED bulb.  Now here is where it gets really cool.  The top half of the keychain emits a glowing light making it easy to locate when in darkness, inside a purse, or hidden is a drawer.  Take it camping, fishing, on your boat and more, and stop worrying about not seeing your keys in darkness any more.

This glow is powered by a technology called "Low Glow" which is a patented technology that allows the LED to shine while using minimal battery consumption.


Great for personal use and also as giveaway or gift.  Folks will love this!

  • The light always stays on using the patented LOW GLOW technology allowing you to locate and find the keychain quickly and easily
  • Low Glow emits a low glowing light while using minimal battery.  Batteries should last approximately one-year prior to replacement
  • Easily attaches to keychain using clip
  • May also use product as a zipper pull...great for camping (see image)
  • LED burns brightly when button is pressed enabling user to use this as a flashlight
  • Manufactured by Xodus Innovations
  • One year manufacturer's warranty

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