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Bells, Buzzers, Antique Classic Doorbells

The inventor side of me loves this category on 1800doorbell.com.  I am a history nut that loves things from "days of old", and that's what I think of when I see these products in this category.  

The Bells and buzzers we show on this page are great for backdoor deliveries, customer service desks, and more.  Mechanical bells are reliable and attractive and make a loud, distinctive sound.

The buzzers we are marketing below are loud and effective at notifying you when an event occurs.  Whether you are wiring them to a push button for deliveries or connecting it to the 12V DC output on a driveway alert, commercial grade, loud products great for a variety of applications.

DH920 Thomas and Betts
Model DH920

All purpose enclosed buzzer for use on single door operation.  This is an enclosed unit that is light and compact.  Use a wired pushbutton and a transformer to have a doorbell buzzer kit.

Not Yet Rated
$14.27 $10.98
DH922 Thomas and Betts
Model DH922

Wired, 2-1/2 inch chrome bell by Carlon.  Small but loud, great for shops, shipping/receiving areas, etc. For single door operation, easy set up requires transformer, push button, wire.

Not Yet Rated
$18.17 $13.98
DH924 Thomas and Betts
Model DH924

The DH924 is a wired 4-inch buzzer/bell great to use in loud environments such as warehouses, workshops etc.  If you need an above average sound for a loud environment, this is the one you should choose.

4 Star Rating
$20.77 $15.98
DH992 Thomas and Betts
Model DH992
For new or replacement applications. Includes peep hole viewer for added security when opening the door.
Not Yet Rated
$43.98 $21.98
DH945 Thomas and Betts
Model DH945

This nostalgic bell is great for entrances and exits to alert you when a door opens. The brass hammer produces a gentle chime/bell sound when the door is open. 

5 Star Rating
$29.98 $23.98
DH950 Thomas and Betts
Model DH950
This vintage turn style bell will add charm to any home.
Not Yet Rated
$44.36 $39.98
FIREBELL Security2020

The Firebell Indoor/Outdoor bells utilize a specially designed gong that gives out a loud mechanical resonant tone. NEW 24V version now available!

Not Yet Rated
$68.90 $43.98
805 Milton
Model 805

High Quality Hose Driveway Alarm Signal Bell. Works in conjunction with the Anchor & Hose Plug 819 and driveway signal hose up to 300 feet.

Not Yet Rated
$110.42 $70.98
827 Milton
Model 827

Remote Driveway Bell. Must use Driveway Signal Air Switch 8255330518. Used to power multiple Remote Chimes 8303350520 and Remote Bells 8273350519. Up to 300 feet of Driveway Signal Hose. Must also use Anchor & Hose Plug 819-3350517 with hose.

Not Yet Rated
$109.51 $79.98

1800doorbell.com offers a wide selection of accessories for your doorbell.  In this category you will find a wide array of products like doorbell buzzers, firebells, and antique classic doorbell products like a shop keeper's bells.

doorbell buzzersDoorbell buzzers such as the DH924 by Thomas & Betts are an extremely loud buzzer that when connected to a doorbell transformer and push button is an excellent door chime system for business, warehouse, or industrial application.  The Buzzers featured on this page use a small hammer that strikes the bell to emit the loud ringing sound.  We have a four inch bell, a 2 1/2 inch bell, and an enclosed bell.

Similar to the buzzer selection, we also have a selection of traditional bells, or aka "firebells."  These are the bells you see in commercial locations, or schools, for example, to notify of an alarm.  These products are extremely loud and effective at notifying users.

We also carry some unique products such as a Victorian shopkeepers bell, desk bells, and victorian mechanical doorbells.  These elegant products provide nice decorative touches to any bed and breakfast, antique shops, and more.

I mentioned in the introduction how this was one of my favorite categories of products on 1800doorbell.com.  That's because I like to tinker with our products and invent new ways to use them for home and  businesses alike.    There are a couple of unique applications I would love to share with you.

A couple of years ago, a zoo from Minnesota called us.  They had a Polar Bear exhibit and was looking for a buzzer of some sort they could use to help train the bear.    What they wanted to do was train the bear to leave its room when they needed to clean it.  The purchased a 2-1/2 inch buzzer, a transformer, and a push button.  There was an adjacent room with a door that connected the temporary room they wanted to more the bear to and the bear's living quarters.  After putting a plate of food in a temporary room, they would open to the door and immediately hit the buzzer.  After a few sessions, the bear learned when he heard the buzzer there would be food in the other room.   Now, when they need to clean the bear's living quarters, all they have to do is sound the buzzer and the bear will move itself to the other room.  

Although not a typical use of the wired buzzers, it shows the versatility of the products.   Most of our customers use the buzzers in a commercial environment when they need something louder than your "normal" doorbell.  In a warehouse or workshop, the normal "ding-dong" sound produced by a residential chime will often go unnoticed.  The buzzers on our site are loud and will not go unnoticed!

For exceptionally loud products, take a look at the three Firebells we carry at 1800doorbell.com.  The "FIREBELL" is available in 12V or 24V models, and produce loud 80-85 dB bell sound.   The units are outdoor rated when you install them with an approved weatherproof backbox.  These are the Firebells approved for use with most Fire Alarm products.

We also carry signal bells manufactured by Milton Electronics.  These are the signal bells used by dry cleaning facilities and gas stations to receive a notice when a car enters the area.  

Finally, we are proud to carry the SS40 Victorian Desk Bell, the DH945 Victorian Shop Bell, and the DH950 Mechanical Doorbell.  These solid brass products harken to the days of old with a touch of elegance and nostalgia they add to any room.