BE1480 Bellman Visit Smoke Detector for Hearing Impaired
Bellman Smoke Alarm Measurements Bellman Smoke Alarm on Ceiling

Bellman Visit Smoke Detector for Hearing Impaired Model BE1480

Manufacturer: Bellman and Symfon
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Bellman Visit Smoke Detector for Hearing Impaired
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Mounted on the ceiling like an ordinary smoke alarm, the Bellman BE1480 is a wireless smoke alarm that uses photoelectric technology, which detects heat or smoke, and then sends a wireless signal to a Bellman Vistit receiver.  Many smoke alarms sold in the marketplace today typically ony detect smoke or heat.  This Bellman 1480 detects both.

This smoke alarm operates on a 9V battery and is small enough to be portable. Take this smoke alarm, along with one of your Bellman Visit receivers and travel with it, for example,to your favorite vacation spot or to a family members house.  This handy smoke alarm can also be paired with the Bellman alarm clock, which will alert you when the smoke detector goes off.


  • Two year manufacturer warranty
  • Unit measures 3.9'' across and 1.4'' thick
  • Operates on a 9V battery
  • Photoelectric sensor
  • Reduced sensitivity function available on unit
  • System indicators to ensure proper functioning of unit, battery life, etc.
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