AV-100 Wired Entrance Alert with PIR Sensor

AV-100 Wired Entrance Alert with PIR Detector Model AV-100

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Wired Entrance Alert with PIR Sensor
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Accessories & Variations:
Wired Entrance Alert Wired Chime for the AV-100
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Wired Entrance Alert Transmitter for the AV-100
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Whether you want an entry alert to notify you from a customer service or security perspective, the AV-100 is a fully functional kit that provides all the pieces you need to generate alerts when visitors arrive.

This kit will play a gentle chime sound when a vistor enters the detection zone. It gives you the benefit of a world class PIR sensor that is activated only when heat and movement are detected, and the reliability of a wired system (verus wireless systems).  Sometimes, there's simply too much interfernce for wireless devices to work properly and wired kits are the only thing that will work.  This system is wired, but is very easy to set up and install, and does not require a licensed contractor to install. 

The kit includes:

Motion detector: The AV-100 motion detector features top-notch passive infrared (PIR) sensor technology that recognizes infrared energy from human bodies in a specific monitored area. This reliable system is unaffected by sunlight, car headlights, etc. and operates when a door is open or shut.

Wiring: used to connect the doorbell, transformer, and motion detector

Doorbell: a simple, plain doorbell that emits a "ding" sound is supplied with this kit

How does this product work?

The PIR sensor mounts over a door or other area you want to monitor. Using the supplied wire, connect it to the plug-in transformer (supplied).  Next, mount the doorbell unit where you will be able to hear it ding.  Finally, connect wire from the plug-in transformer to the doorbell.

How is this product different than other entrance alerts?

Many of the products we have are strictly wireless.  The AV-100 is wired.  The PIR sensor is wired to a plug-in transformer, and the transformer is also connected to a standard doorbell.

This is a great product for use in busy areas and will last you many years.  Virtually maintenance free and extremely reliable.  Made in the USA!

  • PIR based sensor
  • Sound is generated by included chime box
  • The kit ships with 50 feet of wire (essentially this is speaker wire) used to connect the transmitters (sensor) to the doorbell chime.  To extend the operational length, simply install more speaker wire
  • This kit is powered by a 16.5 volt, plug-in transformer.  The speaker wire connects both the sensor and the doorbell into this transformer.
  • The sensor ships with a versatile mounting bracket that allows you to mount the sensor just about anywhere
  • Once installed, this product requires virtually zero maintenance.  It is reliable and will last for years and years.
  • One year manufacturer's warranty
  • Made in the USA

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