103-12V LEKTROLOK Electronic Deadbolt Lock

LEKTROLOK Electronic Deadbolt Lock Model 103-12V

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103 12V Version LEKTROLOK
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Accessories & Variations:
103 24V Version LEKTROLOK
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LEKTROLOK Electronic Deadbolt Lock
$325.98 $248.98
LEKTROLOK Electronic Deadbolt Lock
$325.98 $248.98

LEKTROLOK 103 and 104RA Electronic deadbolt by Alarm Lock

What a great product for any business that would like the ability to immediately lock or unlock a door with an electronic deadbolt.  Ideal for laudromats, lobby doors, or any other unattended areas.  For example, you could have doors that automatically lock and people inside the building can exit using a lighted push button switch.  You could also wire these into smoke detectors, alarm systems, fire alarm systems, etc. to automatically unlock or lock the doors per user preferences.

This product by Alarm Lock is simple to install and can be locked and unlocked by remote switch, or a remote key, operated by a timer, or any electronic contact that can interrupt the power supply.

The LEKTROLOK 103 and 104RA models are compact and designed to fit narrow style doors.  Both electric deadbolt models come complete with "keepers", or deadbolt holes to make for easy installation.

Model 103 operates in standard "fail safe" mode which means the deadbolt projects ONLY when power is on, and retracts when power is off.  Model 104RA is a "fail secure" unit.  This means when the power is "on" to the electric deadbolt unit, the bolt is retracted.  When power is "off" the deadbolt is projected.

Features of the Electronic Deadbolts

  • 400mA@24Volts
  • 12Volt version available.  800mA at 12V
  • 103 is fail-safe meaning bolt projects when power is on
  • 104RA is fail-secure meaning bolt projects when power is off
  • Complete with angle, mortise or flush mount strike
  • Use with standard key or push button switch
  • Lock and keeper are painted aluminum finish
  • Activated by continuous duty solenoid
  • Bolt diameter is 5/8" and projects 5/8"
  • Includes 3 strikes and magnets
  • 1.75" Width x 6.75" Length (including keeper)
  • Total weight with keeper is 3lbs

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