19211 Wireless Seven-Sound Lighted Push Button

A Very Rare Thing! A LIGHTED Wireless Door Chime Push Button Model 19211

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Wireless Seven-Sound Lighted Push Button
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The GE 19211 is a wireless door chime transmitter that is lighted.  Yes, you read that right, lighted.  To be honest, it's hard to get excited about doorbells but when you find something like this you just have to celebrate and that's exactly what we did at when we started carrying this gem of a push button.

This GE Wireless 7-Sound Lighted Push Button allows you to add an extra push button or replace an existing push button for you existing GE Wireless Door Chime Receiver.   Traditionally, lighted transmitters and lighted buttons simply didn't mix as the battery draw was too much.  The incandescent bulbs used ni past products would drain the small push button batteries in a matter of hour.  Wireless door chime button meet the LED bulb!  This marriage produced a wireless product that is lighted.  Mix that with the innovative dusk to dawn illumination and you will never be left in the dark.  This lighted wireless button automatically turns on a dusk and off at dawn and also uses a LED, which extends the battery life and makes it comparable to a wireless push button without a light.

JASCO manufactures door chimes and other products under a licensing agreement with GE.  This arrangement produced a series of wireless door chime products under the brand of "7 Sound Door Chimes" for the 7-different sounds the receivers will produce.


  • 7 Chime Sounds to Choose From:
    • Westminster
    • Foghorn
    • Cuckoo
    • Gong
    • Buzzer
    • Bell
    • Knock
  • Stylish Design that is sleek and innovative.
  • ABS plastic push button that's durable and will stand the rigors of outdoor mounting
  • No electrical experience required to install or maintain this door chime kit.  The included mounting and operating instructions are easy to follow.
  • Dusk to Dawn Lighted Push Button extends the battery life of the product.  At dusk, the LED turns on and off at dawn.
  • Requires 2 x CR2032 batteries, included and installed.  Depending on weather conditions, the batteries are expected to last up to 12 months prior to replacement.  These are common batteries you can find at your local drug store or Walmart store.
  • 16 changeable privacy codes prevent interference from neighboring wireless devices.
  • Works Interchangeably with GE Wireless 7-Sound Door Chimes to Allow Multiple Push Buttons and Chimes to be Added.  For example, you can install additional push buttons at the garage and backdoor.  When a visitor pushes the button the receiver or receivers will play a tune associated with a particular button, allowing you to easily identify with the door the visitor is at.
  • Add up to 6 Additional Push Buttons Each with an Individual Sound.  Theoretically, you can add as many push buttons and receivers as you would like, however, the only limitation you have is the 7 different sounds.
  • Manufactured by JASCO, under a licensing agreement to use the GE Brand Name.

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