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This is a very excellent and professional company where they go out of their way to treat the customer as Number One. - dbtigger
Fast, friendly service. I would definitely order from you again. - dr_raylaird
I had a question and called the company. The question was answered immediately and then I was informed that ordering the product on line rather than phone would save me shipping $'s!!!! Now that is looking out for the customer's interest!!!!! Highly recommend!!! - woodoriron
Lori was a great to talk to about the purchase. I had questions, she had answers. And there were no endless menus to listen to. Thanks! Toni - tabytaby

Browse Our Large Selection of Doorbells and Wireless Door Chimes

Welcome to our site.  We are proud to offer you one of the largest online stores for products like doorbells and chimes, LED candles, driveway alarms and entrance alerts, ceiling fan remotes and more.

Some of the products offered on our site may be found at your local retailer like Home Depot or Lowe's, but those stores don't offer the selection, nor have the knowledgeable customer support team that we do here. 

Almost every product you see on this site are warehoused in our facility in Jacksonville, FL, and shipped out the day after you place the order.  We stand behind all of our products with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee in addition to the manufacturer's warranty.

If you need assistance selecting the right product for your needs, please call us and we would be happy to help you.

PT-2500 Dakota Alerts
Model PT-2500

The panic transmitter has the ability of operating up to a half mile depending on environmental conditions. 

Not Yet Rated
$139.98 $119.99
UC-2000 Craftmade
Model UC-2000

Need to install a remote control or replace a broken remote control for your ceiling fan?  The UC-2000 is a universal remote control kit for a ceiling fan and an excellent replacement for the discontinued Dimango RC1000

5 Star Rating
$52.99 $44.98
RC3250 Thomas and Betts
Model RC3250

Manufactured by Carlon, the RC3250 Wireless Chime is simple to install and sounds great!  Don't be fooled by cheap imitations, once you hear this one, there is no turning back!

No wiring needed! Perfect for replacing a broken doorbell, our RC3250 (also known as the RC8250) is completely wireless chime that installs in minutes.  Add multiple push buttons and multiple receivers to add more doors and increase the listening range.

4 Star Rating
$37.98 $34.98
DI2000S-A Driveway Informer
Model DI2000S-A

Our best seller and one of the finest driveway alarm systems on the market.  With a range of up to 2,000 feet, this easy to operate system is extremely reliable, expandable, and made in the USA!

5 Star Rating
$169.00 $149.98
DC1 EZ Tone
Model DC1

The DC1 EZ Tone entrance alert is one of our most popular alerts!  This mechanical entrance alert is cost effective, easy to install, and made in the USA.  It installs quickly over the existing door frame of the door you want to monitor.  When the door is opened, the EZ Tone Entrance Alert emits a loud "Ding" sound as the internal metal strip is struck by the metal plunger.  This alert is maintenance free, requies no batteries or wires, and durable enough to last for years to come.

5 Star Rating
$29.12 $24.98
DA50L-A Security2020
Model DA50L-A

This is a commercial grade entry alert set that will transmit a wireless signal of up to 1000 feet.  Used by retail and convenience stores, warehouses, offices, and homes all across America, the DA50L-A is an extremely reliable entrance alert set. 

The kit features 1 PIR based sensor/transmitter and 1 plug in receiver/speaker.  The receiver features a 12V terminal for adding on accessories such as sirens, strobe lights, firebells, and any other product that is powered by 12V.

5 Star Rating
$143.00 $119.98
DC-1000 Dakota Alerts
Model DC-1000

Stop missing deliveries and visitors to your store or business because your doorbell doesn't have the range you need.   The DC-1000 has the power you need to transmit signals over long distances and penetrate through wall that typical doorbells would bounce off of.  With sixteen melodies and flashing light for one of four available zones, this is a great doorbell for any business owner.

5 Star Rating
$54.98 $42.98
WC180 1800DoorBell
Model WC180

Built in strobe light ideal for hearing impaired or for noisy environments, the WC180 is the wireless door chime we recommend.  The plugin receiver is loud and plays three distinct notes, Ding, Ding Dong, and 4 note Westminster Chime.  This is a loud doorbell/door chime.  Coupled with the bright flashing strobe, the door chime is ideal for the hearing impaired or in a noisy environment.

The WC180 ships with a plug in receiver and a wireless door chime button with battery included.  You may also purchase additional door chime buttons for additional doors.

5 Star Rating
$38.98 $32.98
CH1515W-BK-LH Craftmade
Model CH1515W-BK-LH

This beautiful wireless hand-carved doorbell by Craftmade, comes ready to add a designer touch with a matte black finish with tea stained glass.  Compatible with all Carlon and Dimango wireless chime products.

  • Range of up to 150 ft.
  • Add-on push buttons and receivers available
  • Compatible with Carlon/Dimango wireless chime products
5 Star Rating
$63.73 $48.98
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Thank you for visiting our site.  We have been marketing products to customers all over the world for over 15 years and that experience has made us the online authority for the products listed on our site. 

For every product we offer a 30 day money back guarantee.  We have confidence in the products we sell but if you are not happy, we will take them back--simple as that.

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Our company is owned and operated by Lord Henry Enterprises (LHE) out of Jacksonville, FL. Our company was started by Ron Henry who was on the first on-line distributors of the Eztone alerts and the Dimango wireless chimes products. Starting as an offline distributor of the DC1 by Eztone, Ron took that business on line and never looked back. Ron was a retired Army 1SG and Vietnam Veteran who had an extensive background in the intelligence field and also became an expert of physical security and crime prevention. While stationed in Hawaii, he starting building "fake" security cameras that looked so realistic you could not tell them from the real thing. After successfully marking other products he starting add the dummy camera products to his websites as well. Over the years the product line has grown, but our core products are the same lines of products that Ron starting carrying almost 20 years ago. Ron Henry passed away in 2013 but we remain committed to his belief that home security and improvement products should don't have to be expensive products to be effective.
With over 1,000 chimes, push buttons, security products, and products for the hard of hearing, 1800doorbells carriers products from over 30 different manufactures. Many of these are the same brands you will find in Lowe's, Home Depot, Ace Hardware and other Box Retail Stores. Although these other stores carry the same products, we believe our website offers advantages that allows us to compete with these stores and hopefully, win your business. First, we do not charge sales tax for deliveries outside the state of Florida. Although there is talk this may be changing over the next few years, we offer this an advantage for our customers who order on-line from us. Next, we ship our products for a low flat-rate charge of only $4.95. We do not attempt to make money by inflating our shipping fees. We warehouse our products and ship them out the following business day after you place your order. Although our margins are significantly lower than the larger box stores, we compete on pricing. Finally, we offer customer service from people who know our products, like where they work, and understand their job it to make you happy and they are thankful to serve you. Other brands we carry are manufactured by companies such as Carlon, Honeywell, Heath-Zenith, Alarm Lock, Craftmade, Rodann, Skylink and more.
Over the years we have learned a lot about this industry. Sometimes our customers ask us for products that don't exist or there aren't any current products out there we feel comfortable offering to our customer base. Because of that we have developed some of our own brand of products. Our first product is a WC180 which is a long range wireless door chime with a very bright, flashing strobe light. This product is great for the deaf and hard of hearing, or in loud environments where you need a visual indicator to accompany the chime sound. Next is the the Di2000S-A, the Driveway Informer, and the DA50L-A. These are best in class driveway alarm and entrance alert system that are manufactured in America. These products have a range from the sensor/transmitter to the receiver of up to 1,000-2,000 ft. These products send an instant alert when a car enters your driveway or a person enters a monitored area. One of our latest innovations we are very excite about is based on our partnership with Craftmade and Carlon. Craftmade make beautiful door chimes with the cabinet of the chime constructed out of real wood, hand painted, glass, and more decorative elements than you would typically see on wireless products. In our opinion, Carlon, a Thomas and Betts company, manufactures the most consistent and reliable wireless products on the market. Through our partnership with both companies we were able to combine the gorgeous custom look from Craftmade and couple if the reliable electronics to product door chime you can't find anywhere else in the world. We continue to add new products on a weekly basis so check back with us frequently.